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So far… it was very fun on the way to Croft Farm, we got to sit with our friends on the bus and talk about how exited we were. When we got here we got to tidy our rooms and get our wet suits on, ready for our first activity. Then we did wind surfing, which was extremely fun. We all had our highlights of the day, mine was when we all went to a camp fire and had marshmallows, now we are all playing, having showers and getting ready for bed. Ben.

After we got here, we went to see our rooms and to get dressed. We did raft building and it was amazing! The building was quite boring but getting in the water was fun. Our raft was breaking and we ended up going on a single barrel. After that, we had dinner and I had a chicken burger and it was yummy. In the evening, we had a campfire and we were doing activities, they were fun. I had marshmallows and at this very moment, we are playing outside and then we are going to bed. Cerys.

We did lots of epic activities; rock climbing and archery. In the evening we had a camp fire which was epic, although I fell off the bench backwards :-( Tomorrow we’re doing water activities like KataKanuing I can’t wait!


Well, day two was just as fun as our first afternoon… In the morning the whole group went KataKanuing on the River Avon, which as super fun but hard and wet! In the afternoon we split up again into our different groups; one went raft building, which they were quite successful at - their raft only fell apart as they were dragging it back to shore. The other group did the wall climb, archery and abseiling. In the evening we were the Egg Protectors and had to protect an egg, in a box, from being broken, none of them worked! But Mr Howard did end up with three eggs on his head! Team Cheese


Yo was-sup! This is Corban, I extremely enjoyed today. Today I did ‘initiative exercises’ and archery plus a quiz but the best bit was the ‘holey water’. There was a tube with holes in it and using our fingers we had to block the holes but we all got soaked!

This morning we did Initiative activities and archery. My favourite part of the initiative activities was the holey water: we had to block the holes in a tube and if we missed any we would all get soaked. This afternoon we did circus activities and rocket launching. After tea we went and did busted, a game show type of thing.


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