Condover Hall

We offer all our Year 6 pupils the opportunity to attend a week long residential trip at Condover Hall, a specialised indoor and outdoor activity centre in Shropshire. The children love the trip, it has a huge impact on their confidence, self-esteem and team spirit and is great fun!

In 2017 the Year 6s will be going to Condover in November. In 2018 we will be going towards the end of September.

Just to give you a flavour of how much fun the children have:  

Yoohoo we were on the bus, but then... it took us ages to get here! Finally, we arrived got taken to our exciting home for the next few days, then we got to eat our lunch - yum, yum. At last Mr Howard told us what groups we were in so we were ready to go!

My group did The MASSIVE rock climbing wall. I went first because I made a bet with Mrs Hudson that I could be quite all the way down (and I won - thats right Mum!) When I got closer to the top of the tower it got really slippery so I couldn't grip on anymore and fell off, luckily I was connected to the wall with a rope, so I didn't fall far.

Once we'd had our lovely dinner we got changed ready for the Campfire. When we arrived at the fire, it was massive. We sat down with our friends and we watched the leaders do some songs and tricks, then we got the opportunity to show off our talents - can you guess what Charlie and I did?

After some yummy marshmallows from Mr Howard we headed back for bed. Even though we didn't get to sleep that quickly because we were too excited.

By Charlie L